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Project Overview

This project was created by the CSIS iDeas Lab in partnership with the CSIS Transnational Threat Project. The goal was to do a deep-dive, longform story on the chosen research topic to demonstrate how multimedia and design elements can enhance written research.

I worked on this project in two roles: as project manager & lead developer.

As the project manager, I...

  • helped to put together the interdisciplinary team of iLab staff who would work on the project
  • created a "Project Charter" to outline the objectives, timeline, and other specs of the project
  • worked alongside other iLab staff in an editorial capacity - reviewing the written content & pitching creative ideas for how we could display the text or add visual elements to the piece.
  • Led a series of retrospective meetings on what went well/didn't go well, and worked with others on the team to implement those takeaways on later projects

As the lead developer, I...

  • Worked with other developers & designers to brainstorm the design and functionality of, and ultimately implement, the site
  • learned how to use GSAP's ScrollTrigger to create scroll-based animations & scrollytelling sections
  • worked with Mapbox to create a map based on satellite imagery, using animation to give the user a "tour" of the military base