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CSIS Trade Commission

Created for the CSIS Trade Commission, this website houses the Commission's final reports & policy recommendations.

The CSIS Trade Commission logo on a white background.

Just Transition Initiative

This website was created for the CSIS Energy Program and the Climate Investment Funds. It features analysis and a database of resources to equitably address climate change.

The Just Transition Initiative logo on a white background.

Moscow's Mercenary Wars

This longform explores the growing presence of Russian private military companies around the world. It features data visualizations, satellite imagery, and scrollytelling animations.

The words "Moscow's Mercenary Wars" sitting on top of a world map.

Stepping Up Trade Leadership

Using graphic illustrations and data visualizations, this microsite outlines how the U.S. trade leadership is waning and what needs to be done if the U.S. wants to further its interests.

An image of the CSIS Trade Commission logo and the title of the site next to an illustration of Lady Liberty walking up a set of stairs.

Single Div Pokeballs

An exercise in pushing my CSS skills to their limits, I recreated the 4 original types of Pokeballs using only a single div each.

An image of the 4 original Pokeballs (Pokeball, Great ball, Ultra Ball, & Master Ball) created entirely with CSS.

Global Water Security

Created for the CSIS ChinaPower Project, this scrollytelling data visualization shows both global & country-level breakdowns of water security & access. It was built using d3.js and scrollama.

Graphic depicting 90% of China's population having access to at least basic water.

Tracking Activity in Space

Via a clickable walkthrough, users are shown how China is rapidly joining and catching up in the global space race in terms of both numbers of launches and amount of payloads.

The number of launches and payloads by China, the USA, Russia, and the rest of the world since 1957 are shown side by side.

On the Radar

Featuring a visually stunning home page and final report, this website was created for a study situational awareness and strategic stability conducted by CSIS Project on Nuclear Issues.

An image of the On the Radar Logo, which is the OTR text next to an orange radar symbol.

Beyond the Brink Game

This single page website was created as a companion game to a report by the CSIS Simon Chair. Playing as either the U.S. or China, players must choose to either escalate or deescalate a trade conflict; forever changing the U.S.-China relationship.

An image of two cargo ships, one American and one Chinese.

Rise of Chinese Companies

This animated bar chart race built with D3 shows how the value of Chinese companies has quickly caught up to American companies since 2008.

A bar chart showing the total revenue of U.S. companies at $9.4 trillion dollars and Chinese companies at $7.9 trillion.

World Trade Organization Disputes

This visualizations allows you to explore the trade relationship between two countries through their disputes filed in the World Trade Organization. Each dot is colored according to whether the country was the complainant or respondent in a dispute.

A grid of dots, where each dot represents a dispute filed in the WTO. 65 dots involved China, with 21 colored with China as the complainant and 44 as the respondent.

Exploring the Global Innovation Index

Looking at the Global Innovation Index and across its seven pillars of innovation, this visual allows the user to compare the rankings of up to 5 countries.

China, the US, Singapore, Russia, and Japan are represented as bubbles on lines for each indicator in the Global Innovation Index. All countries rank highly in most indicators.

How Does the Data Visualization Society Show Love?

Created for the DVS' "slack usage" challenge, this small multiples visualization shows the usage of "heart" emojis in the various DVS Slack channels over time by highlighting the most frequently used emoji per day.

A screenshot of the heart-based visual.

Internet Penetration Across China

Built with CSS Grid & D3, this small multiples cartogram shows the number of broadband and mobile subscribers across China's provinces over time.

Area graphs showing the number of subscribers in a Chinese province between 2011-2017, laid out in a grid pattern reflective of their geographic location.

50 States of Trade

This interactive shows what percentage of each state's trade is with key partners. This was built for the CSIS Trade Guys episode on the U.S.-China trade war.

A screenshot of a map of the US.

Global Gender Parity

This visual charts the results of the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index, and allows users to see detailed information about individual countries. Built for the CSIS ChinaPower Project.

A screenshot of the scatter plot.

Stephenson Ocean Security Project

With content focusing on the intersection of ocean health and global security, this microsite includes visually engaging longform-content alongside commentaries.

An image of the Ocean Security logo on top of ocean waves.

Aerospace Security

This microsite was created for the CSIS Aerospace Security project. It features analysis, longform-content, a data repository with visualizations, and more.

An image of the Aerospace Security logo, which is the name of the project with a plan icon passing between the words.

Trade Guys

Built to accompany the popular Trade Guys podcast, this microsite hosts new episodes, analysis, and data visualizations.

An image of the Trade Guys podcast logo: the name of the podcast surrounded by white arrows.

ChinaPower Project

This microsite was created for the CSIS ChinaPower Project, and is home to monthly data-driven research analysis that I frequently create visualizations for.

A screenshot of the ChinaPower home page.


This website is home for research conducted by the CSIS International Security Program on strategy, budget, forces, acquistion, and reform.

A screenshot of the homepage of the Defense360 website.